Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flying, Fantails and Feral

I've just had another trip to sunny Christchurch (yum) and have found that it seems I fit some unusual demographic. Last time I flew back, on the orange airline, the bag lady asked if I would like to sit in the emergency exit row. I had already checked in so this meant a seat change. Intrigued  I said yes, then when I got on the plane had a little gloat because I found it meant that she thought I could easily lift 30 kg, the weight of the emergency exit door which needs to be lifted out and thrown in an emergency. This trip back I flew the red airline and again after self check in the bag lady asked if I would like more leg room. Of course I said yes, that was when I was told it was the emergency exit row and again got drilled when on the plane. When the hostess finished the drill, delivered in a fast paced flat monotone with no inflection, she asked if we had any questions. I of course had to ask why do I always get picked for this row? Still waiting for the answer.

During this trip I did a bit of shopping, funny that, but yay successful shopping bagging one chic designer item and one sheer black bargain of the year. The shopping days were gloriously sunny, then when it came time to climb the hills the weather didn't want to play. However we persevered and this little chappie made it worthwhile.

I'd stopped to take a layer of fleece off and he flew in little circles around us very close. He then followed us all the way up the track, and each time we stopped he would stop and circle us. I do admit that at one point I adopted a tree like stance as it looked like he was going to land. Once we left the tree line he stayed behind. Also once we left the tree line the weather was bitter.

At the very top of that image you can see the look out we were aiming for, close up below.

I'm told some interesting body warming activity had been planned for when we reached this hut, but once we got there our main aim was just to get back down the hill.

As you can see from the colour of the "view" behind me we didn't even stop long enough to go oooh ahhhh. Also, as I predicted on the walk down, the weather cleared up again in the afternoon. C'est la vie, we got the cute fantail.

When I got back to Wellington I went to play a few chukka's of pool with the cat feeder and somehow conversation turned to Nana eating cats, along the lines of the poor unattended Nana who has died, and her sad un fed cat has had a wee nibble to keep alive. I thought it was quite a tidy way to go, though I do wonder how long it would take a cat to eat a Nana, and which bits would be left behind as I can imgaine that some parts may not be too tasty. I then moved on the the famous rest home cat, and pontificated that the rest home probably would not be quite so vocal if the cat jumped on the bed and ate a finger or two, a sure sign death was imminent.

I will not even touch upon the child drama that the weekend ended on except to say that as well as removing the internet cable, I have also removed the power cable.


Anonymous said...

Damned weather hindering my perverted plans.


unPC lesbian said...

I seem to recall other options were provided. Swoon

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