Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Final Chapter

So now we have the closing chapter on this current segment of the life of NSBG. She has requested a new acronym and all I can think of is her true name so from now she will be Ms Gotlucky.

Saturday evening she departed for Hong Kong and her new adventures with International Lesbian, though of course being Ms Gotlucky leaving couldn't be a smooth and simple exercise. I happened to be in town late that day and thought if I can get a park easily I will run in for a quick goodbye cuddle. As fate would have it there was a park at the front door, fate was needed.

I got up to her apartment at 5.10, knowing full well that the taxi was booked for 6.00. Her parents were there along with others. In the seven years I have known Ms Gotlucky it is the first time I have met her Mother, in that brief meeting so many things became crystal clear. However I digress. My first question was "have you packed?", to which the answer was "No!".

We then moved to the bedroom and attempted the task, and I can honestly say that by 5.35 all four suitcases were fully packed, International Lesbians notice boards all strapped for delivery, and I was busying myself reading the till dockets from the final shopping spree at D'Vice. I must say that is one business that is going to financially notice the departure of Ms Gotlucky from these shores.

I then had to leave to prepare for dinner guests, and left Ms G frantically searching for her flight ticket as she still wasn't 100 % sure of the times. Got home to find International Lesbian on line who agreed with me, why the 4 suitcases when all she really needed was her handbag, passport and of course the notice boards that one just CANNOT buy in Hong Kong.

And just realised, sorry Cactus, forgot to send a new supply of peanut slabs, oh well, maybe they'll share some of the D'Vice booty with you instead.


Cactus Kate said...

Disgraceful. I do look forward to meeting them both as a couple....and of course Mr Gotlucky. I think he gets the best deal.

Ms Gotlucky said...

Ah, is that why I can't find the dockets. Some of the D vices were for International Lesbian's ex who asked me to surprise her...

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