Friday, October 31, 2008


Yesterday I had to escort our future Prime Minister on to the floor to give a very long speech at the gig that is currently on. Unlike his visit two months ago this one had full security and an even larger media presence, one did have to ask the media to move away from the doors so the paying customers could get in. I was very grateful that I had thought to wear my Saga jacket and Minnie Coopers that morning.

Later in the evening I managed to get to the gym and treadmill in time for the news shows. I got very funny looks from the regulars when they realised I was turning the music channel OFF, and the news shows on as it's usually the other way round. So with my left eye on TV 3 and my right eye on TV 1 I did my run while trying to catch a glimpse of myself on the tele. Sadly it appears that the most interesting footage of the campaign yesterday came out of a shopping mall.

Gutted, what a waste of two layers of lippy.


peterquixote said...

tough rules unPC,
wish I could have seen you,
I thought girls liked helengrand dead,
prosperity to new Zealand and all New Zealanders,

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