Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Limited Edition

Last weekend when I was out falling off my shoes while dancing with the wrong woman (and yes there is an untold story in there) it was International Lesbians birthday, a significant birthday in fact, and as is the style of the International set she held a party for her friends on an island off the coast of Thailand.

I have just received some photo's from the weekend, and must say DPF and Whaleoil even though I owe you big time I won't be publishing the photos of a hot tub full of lesbians, and one man.

As it was a significant birthday naturally International Lesbian received some great presents, one of which to me stands out above all others. She was given a one off, limited edition item of clothing from someone who obviously is extremely intelligent, with lashings of style and just ooozing class, and I am so impressed they were able to source this garment in the first place.

I have been given permission to publish an image of this garment.

Isn't it just divine.....oh and International Lesbian is pretty hot too!


Bryan Spondre said...

Surely a solitairy man in a hot tub full of lesbians would have to take care of himself ?

Whaleoil said...

Sure you can't publish it but you know my email.

I'll take that as a down payment.

Cactus Kate said...

Seeing IL and N(ever)SBG (hopefully) in a week's time for a drink or 20 - the day before I fly out of here.

I know I know I know....don't fly hungover.........you know I don't listen.

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