Friday, October 3, 2008

More Whitewash

A dear reader sent me a link to a poll on a major American lesbian blog where American lesbians have voted for their top 100 women, in the manner of Sports Illustrated et al.

The results of the poll are here. I must say that this just confirms the complete whitewash job being done on Americans and American lesbians if this is who they think are the hottest women of the year. You will see that 94% of them conform to one stereotypical image, and that is slim airbrushed Hollywood starlet. Is this truly what American lesbians want their women to look like?

There are only 4 images that even hint at gender bending, and from those I can now see why they think Ellen de Generes is "butch". They have also included what must be the worst picture ever of Jackie Warner. This woman has a hot body, tho a bit thin for my taste, yet the top 100 has a nasty facial close up.

But, BUT, the most upsetting thing of all is that the most absolutely totally HOTTEST American woman of all, the goddess Jillan Michaels is not on the list at all! Now I know that there are squillions of American lesbians out there who are interested in Jillian because this blog gets hammered by them daily searching to see if she is gay. 

So if you are all so deeply interested in her, why is she not on the list?


otter said...

uh... yeah, that's what I like my women to look like (and mine does). It's also what I would like to look like (I'll need to grow some bigger boobs though). Sara Ramirez, Lauren Graham and Angie Harmon make me swoon. About as close to androg as I like is Grace Park. I do know a great deal of American Lesbians who like the more gender-bending gals though, and that worked out great for me as it left me with less competion for my wife!

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