Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Full Story

As you know in early August I had a wee trip to Auckland and a few adventures while I was there. One of the stories was about being treated very rudely at a stag party  by some paranoid women.  I can now tell you a few more details.

The stag party was being held for a "prominent lesbian media couple", and yes one must have their tongue firmly in cheek when reading that. The couple were to be unionised shortly after the party, I can't use the term civilised because, well, some were not very civil.

As they are such "famous" women they had sold their story to the New Idea, such a high class publication that it is, and when one of the couple found I was a blogger she feared I would write something that may jeopardise the story, cos, like, you know I'm so famous and well read and all that. However rather than approach me myself she sent X-men girl to do the job, who did it badly as X-men girl had no idea of what a blog was or even how to access one on her dial up connection. I must say though that the genuine media part of the couple, aka the news-reader, had no part in this drama at all and was very pleasant all evening.

So finally the story has been published in this weeks edition, but you will need to look at the hard copy to get the pictures, however here is the original story of the "engagement".  

One assumes then that "media" is obviously not a very lucrative industry.


Martha Craig said...

Mr SunnyO will be devastated, he loves Ms Singh.

unPC lesbian said...

As I said Ms Singh was lovely, not the the instigator of the drama.....Ms Rice was the troublemaker. Typical lesbians can't have a party with everyone enjoying themselves, MUST create some drama somehow!

little drummer boy said...

Up untill I read the New Idea peice, I assumed Miss Singh played on my team. There were a few dejected male's around after that.

Good to see your "fame" is enough to trouble the media elite of N.Z.

unPC lesbian said...

But she used to be a presenter on Queer Nation.....tho I guess you never watched that.

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