Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Will I Succumb

I have been seduced by gorgeous piece of pink loveliness which I can't give you an image of because the stores website still has Winter 08 as their catalogue, however it is a double layer scrunched meshy thing which is going to go just brilliantly with Roisin Dubh.

While I was trying it on the shop assistant bought me some black trousers to try on with it. They were skinny trousers which at this point I don't wear. I do recall when flares came back in that I swore I was never going to wear them again, I crumpled after 6 months. So far I have not given into skinny jeans preferring slim boot flares.

However, this particular pair of trousers was made of a divine fabric, and when I put them on they fitted well, and, most shallowly of all were a size 10!! I have NEVER fitted size 10 trousers, plus they are a European label so they are a foreign size 10, not an NZ 10. I swooned! I was about to be seduced again when I looked properly and finally saw that they were about 2 inches too short. I don't think my ankle bones are meant to be showing.

I have been tempted. The "skinny" look trouser actually worked. I fear I may succumb soon to a pair, which of course is going to mean new shoes and accessories. Sometimes I should not be let out of the building.

And while I'm having a little rant about clothing I have found that a cool NZ fashion blogsite Blacklognz links to me. Now I just have to figure out how I can get them to supply me with clothes.

Needless to say I not done much revenue generating work today.


little drummer boy said...

Not sure I can quite picture you in skinny trousers that fall to high up the leg. If you can wear skinny pants, and if the're looking hot on you. go for it.

Plus you're into a size 10, go you!!!. The black should go well with the Roisin you had pictured.

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