Monday, September 1, 2008


I had a "Kylee" moment late last week, and yes only the inner circle will truly know what that means. However my penance for bending the ears (yet again) of my good friends was to turn up on the final day of the garden landscaping.

I had several tasks assigned to me, the first being to dig four bags of shit, oops, manure, through the new potato garden. I guess I should be grateful that I wasn't the one planting it.
The next assignment was to dig a large hole, the edge of which is bottom left in the picture. I dug a very nice hole, all tidy and square, but as I was doing it I had one of those instinctual thoughts being.....I bet they're gonna make me fill it in again as soon as I've finished. Yes, gut instinct correct every time, and this picture is of me filling the hole back in with a different material than I took out.
The final task was to then shovel about 2 semi trailers worth of dirt into a wheelbarrow and lay it all over the ground. I did get a wee reward after that, no not beer those bottles are empty, I got to play with the big concrete roller to flatten the dirt with. However, once I started smashing into the newly constructed raised vegetable gardens they took it off me, and I was only allowed the broom after that.
I am surprisingly ache free after my afternoon of forced hard labour, and I do admit that it was fun. And as said yesterday I forsee some many pleasant hours in the near future spent enjoying the fruits of every ones labour, including the fruits of the vine, and the fruits of the hops......


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