Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday to me....Happy birthday to meeeeeee......Oh my, today is the actual day but all is ok, razor blades are safely locked away.

Happily I can say that I have not gone grey overnight, my breasts still hang ABOVE my waist, and as I have just discovered I can sneeze and stay dry. Life is good !!!

The party was a blast, and of course lots of gossip. Cactus, I don't think your 10am Wednesday morning meeting is going to make it, sorry, but she was a lovely unexpected visitor.

The few photo's I have got so far show that I appeared to have a breast obsession during the night and was captured observing several, starting with NSBG's.

I then got caught having a sneaky look at another pair, quite different dimensions and shape and so seldom fully on show that I had to make the most of it.

This was then followed by a pre going out check to make sure mine were in the correct position before going out the play on the dance floor with the 19 year olds.

We went and spent some time at S & M's, by that time I had progressed to Grand Marnier which for some reason always seems like a good idea at 2am. Oh, and a wee message to my darling fans out there....if you see me on the dance floor in the wee smalls it's really not a good time to come and gush and tell me how fabulous I am, my braincells are usually very much preoccupied with other things at that hour.
I eventually got home close to 3am to find that oldest and dearest with the help of number 1 daughter had cleaned everything up and left me a little caring treat of a jug of water, a clean glass and a vast slab of very alcoholic chocolate.

There is of course more to report but I am in severe need of coffee. To be continued......


Cactus Kate said...


And yes Xie is a legend like that!!! She'll make a great housewife one day :)

Wednesday 10am has cancelled and rescheduled, well she sent in the secretary who told me she was on "urgent business". Instead of breaking the midget under cross examination I played along with the spin.

Owes me a 3 pack of Peanut Slabs as a result.

unPC lesbian said...

ha ha....will ensure you get the correct peanut slabs, and deliverd in person!!

nzm said...

Happy Birthday!

Mine was about 2 weeks ago and we went to dinner with friends who gifted me some shirts which had to be modelled right away.

One was a low V-neck which showed off my breasts more than usual. I came back into the lounge and for the next 5 minutes, 4 women talked to my tits before I gently reminded them that my eyes were further up my body. Too funny!

The Token Sinner said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

You seriously need to change my acronym chick!xx

unPC lesbian said...

I could change the Newly to Never!!!

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