Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tall Hot Butch

It seems I'm having a butch viewing week and this example of gorgeousness crossed my vision today, and no it's not the blonde I'm talking about!

You can find the full story here, though I do admit that the blonde doesn't look too bad in her combats.

NZM, this is your neck of the woods. Track her down for me! I've been a good girl, it's not too early for Christmas.

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nzm said...

Jeez - I wonder if we can fly on an LH 747 again, soon, please god?

unPC lesbian said...

I me if I ever get to Europe again Lufthansa will be my airline of choice.

I can just see it..."where do you want to go to Ma'am?"

Me.."oh anywhere so long as that Goddess is at the controls"

Is there an age limit on visiting the cockpit? and if not what is the acceptable amount of visits one can make to the cockpit on a long haul flight?

Zed said...

-me, to pilot:
"Um, could you use your... lefthandsa?"

LLB said...

One of those for everyone please!

otter said...

I'd be happy to "distract" the blonde while you run off with her girlfriend!

nzm said...

You have to fly First Class (Upper Deck) on an LH 747 to get anywhere near the flight deck.

Which may be worth it because the flight crew still needs to come out to use the same toilets as the pax. You would at least get to see her maybe twice on a longhaul flight.

She's based in Frankfurt. She's most likely going to fly west to the USA from there.

Now we just have to find out what her schedule is.

This info's not too stalkerish is it? ;-)

unPC lesbian said...

Absolutely not NZM, market research is the correct term.

Otter, you could be in luck

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