Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Have Succumbed

........and not to media pressure, or political face slapping from those more motivated than I, but from the incessant nagging and texting of number 1 Daughter. I have now signed the orange piece of paper, put it in the envelope, thrown it in the letter box, and barring any odd disasters on it's way to it's destination I will soon be on the Electoral Roll. I do so hope I have managed to get the timing right and have missed the printing deadline.

This does not mean of course that I am going to vote as the "not going to, can't make me" principle still applies, but one did need to let the younger generation see that political pressure can bear results.

On a completely different note I am in a small haze of unpclesbian bliss, I can't believe it, it's all too much, House and Trinny and Susannah back on tv in the same week - hello sofa!

And as a completely random aside, the new running shoes have the first 10k on the clock, and it was back to throwing weights around last night. I am now the only woman at my gym lifting proper weights, and if the new batch of boys don't learn to get out of my way I may have to accidentally drop something.


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