Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Powerful Thoughts

As you go through life one finds that there are times when you need to make changes and hard decisions, and thus look around for information and help. Being the trash media slut that I am I first became aware of this "self help" industry through shows like Oprah, Ricky Lake etc, and we all know that Oprah's personal guru is Deepak Chopra.

After perusing this literature I found that most of it hovers between plain old common sense, and full blown religious spirituality cunningly disguised as finding and unleashing the power of the hidden spirit within. After much research I finally decided that the majority of the people writing this stuff have actually just discovered that they have a brain, and that if they use it to make well thought out positive decisions to change their life, rather than just behaving like a wet dish towel and letting all flow over, then life becomes a bit more interesting and vibrant.

I do admit that at times I am a positive affirmation chanter, along the lines of "Trinny and Suannah WILL return", "Trinny and Susannah WILL return", as just one example. The affirmation chants are usually done when I'm running, it's a rhythmic thing - while counting the beat 2 - 3 - 4 - 5, digressing.

So in light of a few things that have crossed my path lately I decided some positive affirmations were needed again so I started focusing on the dream and doing the chant. Me being me of course there are no half measures and at one point I thought I'd blown a gasket, but then realised it was just a sinus attack.

Well I must say that I am positively astounded at the success of my current wave of positivity, and I'm so inspired that I'm going to immediately apply it to other areas of my life. I have posted a wee picture below to show you how successful I have been.


NZM, read and weep!!


Cactus Kate said...

What a lovely couple. Although the one on the left looks like a wife beater. Massive physical specimen.

nzm said...


I went one further than you and last night I dreamt that I had met her on an LH flight.

But when I looked at myself in the mirror, I was not me but some blonde chick in a Swiss maid's outfit.

This flu I have caught is causing me to hallucinate.

nzm said...

P.S. Asking hopefully, does this mean that Jillian has escaped your clutches and is back on the market?

unPC lesbian said...

Jillian will NEVER be free of me!!!

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