Monday, October 13, 2008

More Saturday Night

To the young androgynous girl who started to chat to me on the dance floor very very late at night, you had short dark hair and were wearing a black top and jeans, oh, that's right, half the room was wearing that. You asked how my glass of bubbles was, then at the same time I fell off my shoes, damn girly heels, how do real women do it.

Anyway the bubbles had been fine, what I was allowed. Baby AV techie dyke had decided that I'd had enough (her story) and scoffed it all. However it was only glass number 3, and as you know I'd had to wait over 15 minutes for it while watching bar girl clean the bar surface and not serve customers. Please slap Baby AV techie dyke for me.

And, coooeeee Ms incomplete PhD Emily. If you've managed to remember the URL to get here, and judging by the virulent red colour of your drink that may have been a mission, yes, I lied. This blog is not full of lesbian erotica, but it was a good story at the time.


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