Thursday, January 7, 2010

What I Did On My Holiday

Or more to the point what I didn't do, and that was a lot of running!! I've just had a week of bliss in the warm sunshine of Christchurch being waited on hand and foot, having unlimited massages, and my every whim and need taken care of. I had been looking forward to some serious outdoor running time in the warm wind free environment, but that was sharply curtailed by the little accident shown below.

Funnily I didn't do it while actually running, but when I was stretching at the 2k mark. While stretching I was admiring some shoes in a shop window, then as I turned to run off my foot slipped on a micro step and under it went. Instant searing vomit making pain, and very ungainly rolling round on a suburban footpath followed.

When I managed to stand I found staight forward motion was ok, just any sideways movement wasn't. I managed to slowly jog back home, only to collapse in a pathetic weeping heap when I got there. RTTB ransacked the freezer and found a packet of frozen veg to put on it while I tried to be mature and deal to my tears of frustration.

The image below doesn't do it justice as the yellow and purple (lesbians favourite colours?) are more virulent in real life. I have however had a run today, so on the mend. Phew.

Fortunately it didn't mean that I would miss out on the other physical activity that was a highlight of my holiday, and  I managed to achieve and even exceed the predetermined targets in that field. Well I'm sure I exceeded though must admit that I lost track somewhere around day 2.5.

The holiday did achieve the goal of winding down and being relaxed. Now that I'm back home I am doing very very little, and what little I do do seems to involve beer and chocolate.


Anonymous said...

Oh WHIMPER! The frozen peas are sitting in the freezer in preparation for your next escapade.
Oh, and what's the target for next time? Numerical, location based, quality or all of the above?

XChequer said...

Hi gorgeous,

I apologise for not making a rendezvous however was swayed by an offer so good that to refuse would be madness........ MADNESS I say!

I hope you can forgive.


unPC lesbian said...

Angmonster the answer of course is all of the above with particular focus on location and quality....I'm sure there could be a use for the frozen peas as well.

Xchequer it seems failing to make coffee dates is an inherent quality in male bloggers, with of course Mr Spondre,B setting the trend. I'm down again early Feb, I won't hold my breath!

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