Sunday, January 3, 2010

How Many?

My hosts for New Years eve had been given a tent/marquee thingy to put up for the night. It was a very kind gift from their friends but it arrived sans instructions. It very quickly turned into one of those "how many" jokes, as in "how many gays does it take to put up one tent?"

It seemed that one gay boy, one unpc-lesbian and one rough trade toy boi was not enough. We had several attempts and got close many times, but ended up with either being one piece too short, or having five pieces over. I made the executive decision (being corporate dyke and all) to leave it in tidy piles on the ground  and use it as a couples team building event when the guests arrived, as that seemed a fun thing to do. We then went to the supermarket which was a far more achievable goal.

One of the first couples to arrive included a fully finished trans boy, and it seems that spacial concepts comes as an add on with the transition process, as he had the fukker put together in  minutes.  I spent a bit of time acting as a tent pole during that process as I was the tallest person on site.

As you can see at this point construction was almost complete, and a few seconds after the image below it was just a matter of dragging the cover over. It turned out our original problem with trying to construct it had been attempting to make right angles. Nice tidy right angles are NOT a feature with this particular product.

It  also seems that having difficulty constructing this tent is a universal problem as the next day one of my hosts was sent the image below from friends. I do think that when we gave up, our couples team building solution was far more imaginative than the compromise solution used below.

After all these tricky spacial concept actions were completed we then proceeded to enjoy a small but perfectly formed little party. The piano was dragged into the marquee then RTTB and another guest played and sang a selection of tunes à deux, an eclectic mix of classic, opera and even Bon Jovi, with other guests joining in when they knew the words. A guitar was also brought out and the reluctant one convinced to play, and we ended up singing the New Year in with John Lennon's Imagine.

So altogether I had a very blessed and special night, and again went to sleep feeling  thankful and lucky for the world that I get to live in.


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