Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tricky Questions

I had to do the Wellington to Napier drive today with the two teenagers in situ. This drive normally takes about 4 hours, today it took over 6 as for some reason Transit NZ has closed all the north bound passing lanes between Wellington and Otaki, and there lies first tricky question. Why?

The Mother said she thought it was to try and slow traffic to help road safety, but all it seemed to do was make some people aggresive and we saw some nasty impatient driver actions.

Along the way we had the iPod on shuffle and enjoyed a few Wayne's World sing along moments (sans head whipping) with an eclectic selection of tunes, ranging from Bob Marley, to Morcheeba, and even the odd old classic.

Then came a few hard to answer questions like:

"Mum, why is Aunty Cxxxx all strange and religious and not normal like you?", and "why has she got a funny haircut and wears yuk glasses?"

I was stumped at that lot, resisted the urge to say "you told me I wasn't normal last night", and used the universal answer of 'because', yet all the while thinking why?

It seems that being a devout christian has similarities to being a lesbian in that it gives you license to have no fashion sense and wear horrendous clothes. Why?


Anonymous said...

I think that people take the most unattractive facet of themselves and dress according to lesbian, rabid christian. It's skater boy for me, but I got off lightly and am very thankful that I'm not a christian lesbian.

Anonymous said...

it improves the traffic flow. Or at least, that is what the Minister used to answer to correspondence to 12847857 people who would write in and ask the same question after public holidays....

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