Sunday, December 20, 2009

T'is the Season

Yesterday while I was doing my weekend wander round my 'hood, and getting my coffee fix, I came across an unusual festive scene.

There was a new busker playing at one of the prime busking spots. He caught my eye as even though he was just playing guitar, he had a proper music stand with sheet music on it. At first he just looked like your average scruffy busker, but when I looked properly I  could see he was wearing a clerical collar with his flannel shirt and cut off jeans. My ears then registered that he was singing Christmas carols. Run!

He must be good though and have a magic touch, as the dossers who normally frequent that corner were all standing up and waving their hands in the air, still clutching their recycled cigarette butts. A Christmas rave?


Michelle said...

Subway musician of a different kind - playing 'Silent Night' on a musical saw in the NYC subway:
The musician is the 'Saw Lady' -

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