Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Small Things

It appears that small things keep me very happy. When I arrived at the office this morning two large boxes addressed to me had been delivered overnight. It took about 7.5 seconds for it to dawn on me what was in them, and when that happened I did the little dance of happiness.

I then started on my morning rounds bristling with pleasure and excitement. When I reached reception I was just bursting, and cheerfully exclaimed to the receptionist, "I'm so excited, guess  what arrived for me today." My enthusiasm was obviously infectious and she excitedly asked what had arrived. "Two brand new data projectors", I gushed at her. She gave me a very blank look in return. "They're wireless!" I said. The blank look I swear turned to one of pity. Well I was happy.

The two boxes have sat in pride of place at the entrance to my office all day, so that anyone who enters has to navigate them and be introduced to them. Finally some smart arse asked why I hadn't opened them yet. I would have thought the answer to that was obvious. I have been incredibly busy, and when I do open them I want to be able to fully savour the moment. I want to gently caress their little knobs, and read their little booklets, bask in the pleasure of my new gadgets.

I also admit that I found myself fondling the usb turntables in Duck Smuffs when I went to purchase the children's phone cards this morning. I did however resist the impulse to play with my vibrating remote mouse on my return, as that would have been just plain naughty.


nzm said...


unPC lesbian said...

but but....the laptops and datapro's won't talk to each other. I fear I'm going to have to give in and read the FULL instructions, and obviously the bot approach isn't gonna work.

XChequer said...

Yes.....but does it make a good cup of tea?


Bryan Spondre said...

Totally get your tech fetish. A couple of weeks ago I was delighted when a 3 year old girl showed great interest in the contents of my backpack - my defacto office that never leaves my presence.

I gladly showed all my gadgets. She took a shine to my wind up torch so I relented and gave it to her.

nzm said...

That just proved you're a technodyke. If all else fails RTFM. ;.)

Ha - my word verification is welicarp!

XChequer said...

Spondre, you're such a pushover!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, and me owning and using kitchen scales is sad? I have to admit that I did not enjoy fondling my bits of dead animal as I bagged them. Sigh.

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