Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Small Incestuous World

I often comment on the small incestuous nature of the gay community that we live in, and tonight was a perfect example.

A good chum visited this evening to catch up on news, aka gossip over a bottle of bubbles. She said that she had just recently caught up on reading this blog, and that she knows a blogger who has recently commented here, and to whom I have subsequently linked, Ms nzalien.

My guest this evening has appeared a couple of times in my blog, here, and here. There are other appearances but one doesn't want to give too much away. However, nzalien, it turns out I know your sister. I first met her through work as I managed a conference for her, and then met her and her partner (who should never be encouraged to sing) at a dinner party.

So Jody, even though you have left this country for the wide wide world, this small incestuous community is still following you around, as they say - you can run but you can not hide!


Jody said...

Oh crap.....I knew commenting in this blog was going to be a risky cover is to figure out who this "good chum" is! And you are correct, nobody in my family should be encouraged to sing.

unPC lesbian said...

It's your sister's partner that was the horrendous singer, though she did warn us. Heh heh, on the way to small incestuous planet it is.

You'll will have to use your professional seek and find skills, I've given all the clues I have.

Jody said...

The village is clearly alive and well! My pick, you pal is in the same industry I am (and is fond of joining/leading professional groups in said industry, thankfully, as somebody has to and it's never me), works in the public sector and has been known to date lawyers - close?

unPC lesbian said...

Hmmm, profession is the definer.

If you mean wears a green uniform, then no, as I only know girls in blue uniforms. If you mean the "communications" sector then possibly close,very close. Totally upfront and personal close, though the woman I'm thinking of has only dated lawyer singular.

Too funny, it's a bit like deeply coded lesbian Cluedo this thrad!

Jody said...

HA! My final answer (do I get a prize?) - DG. Definitely not the green uniform and one lawyer is all I know about....but then it seems I could probably take 24hrs and find out everything the way this world is going. And just to make sure we take all the mystery out of it, blue uniform "P".
Heading back to my world of anonymity now!

unPC lesbian said...

As I said, DG is close, up close and personal close but no, not my informant from the other night. Tho I do admit to interrogating her at drinks last night. She said my drinking chum of the other night knew you better. And the circle goes round again!

Yes the blue uniform is P, however due to another lesbian misreading and old blog post and gossiping, I am persona non grata there now. Funnily I'm not reaching for the razor blades.

Oh no, please don't let this send you back to anonymity, you're safe. Most people that read here are from your part of the world and not this small incestuous city.

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