Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Phew, Panic Over

As I've mentioned below I'm having a dinner party this weekend, part of the "let's invite eclectic mixes of people over" campaign to amuse and entertain.

Yesterday it suddenly occurred to me that given the small incestuous nature of the Wellington lesbian scene I may have invited couples who have along the way shagged each other, and are now in bitter cold war.

In order to make sure I haven't committed some form of social faux pas I emailed one set of guests airing my concerns, but also saying that really I don't give a shit as warring lesbians would only add to the ambience and that we are all adults so they would just have to cope.

The response is below:

We do know them, they are lovely. Miraculously, neither MS D nor I have slept with, drunkenly come on to or have had a hair-pulling cat-fight style altercation with either one of them. Some sort of Wellington lesbian first, no doubt.
More like a fukkin miracle from my research of the interconnecting series of exe's that constitute the local scene.


Kitten Power said...

With that, the entire lesbian universe is going to be thrown well and truly out of whack. I am quaking in my comfy shoes.

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