Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A very fun week.....and child abuse # 5

Well it's been a very entertaining week or so, starting with the dinner party and it's interesting and lively conversation on gender issues, a party with even more interesting revelations and much too much hard liquor, a fabulous night out at Matterhorn, the cyber world bringing me the cd I so wanted, and the discovery of this trader on Trademe.

The only smudge was when I took the child to catch the bus to go visit her father (first visit in 18 months), and for a brief 5 minutes it looked as though the bus was broken, however the ever resourceful bus driver liberated an empty drink bottle from a handy bin, filled it with water, did something, and voila the bus started again. I really have no idea what he did as I was hiding in the warmth of my car praying furiously to the God of fixing buses. My last vision as I sped away was of the bus driving down Aotea Quay with clouds of black smoke billowing out the back. She was on the bus, it was moving, any breakdowns are now the fathers problem.

And then the Universe had another treat in store for me and that arrived on Sunday. Some very very kind friends have given me a Mac G4, I am so excited. For those non geeky readers it's a bit like suddenly going from Hannahs shoes to Manolo Blahniks. The friends decided as it was sitting round their house doing nothing it would be kind to give it to the needy poor, that is the official story. Reality is that it is child abuse # 5 as I now have incredible control over her computer and internet access, and with a mere quick change of password she can have no access at all. No more pulling plugs out of walls, or carrying power cables in my handbag to work, I have the power as the ADMINISTRATOR. The kind friends "apologised" that it only has a 40 gig hard drive, knowing full well that my old pc is only 7gig.

I'm still so excited by it, I can't wait to see what the next week has in store for me......oh that's right I know already......sewing machine, number 1 daughters ball dress, oh well, at least I can look at my lovely new Mac while I sew.


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