Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Make Amends Amazons

I was at a party a few weekends ago which was a very enjoyable evening and conversation over the night provided me with one stunning revelation, which I'm still digesting and mulling over how I feel, plus another piece of information which has inspired this little piece of hair pulling cat fight bitching.

A bit of history for you all. When I started in my current job 4 years ago, way back in 04, the Wellington Lesbian ball was booked at my venue so I took over the management of the event. It turned out to be a fun night with a good turnout. The next year the committee came back to me and re booked, however a month or 2 into the process there was some infighting and a rival committee was formed which eventually took over the event. The 05 event WENT OFF and was a great night, the turnout equalling that of the Auckland ball. So come 06 the committee came back to me and re booked, but for various reasons the ball had to be held later in the year than usual.

As the time for the 06 ball drew closer ticket sales were stagnant until eventually the whole event was downsized to a different room configuration, but still the ball happened. When I asked my main committee contact why sales were so low she said that rumour on the street was that the Amazons had got their tits in a tangle over something and put out a major boycott campaign against the ball. As a result of the low sales and resulting stress the committee decided to disband, so no 07 ball took place, and no 08 ball looks likely either.

Now if you read my profile you will see that I describe myself as deeply shallow, along with this goes very gullible, so when I heard this rumour I thought "this can't be so, why would one group of lesbians want to sabotage the efforts of another. This town is too small, it must just be malicious, yet entertaining rumour".

Fast forward now to the party of the other weekend and a pair of dykes I chatting with who are members of the Amazons. (Their website is under reconstruction, they are a lesbian softball club) As our conversation about large breasts ambled on it ended up on the topic of the last 05 Lesbian ball, Heroes and Villains was the theme. They both said what a great night it was, how they had had fun and how several couples they know got together at that ball. I then mentioned about the poor turnout for the event the following year.

They then both quite openly said that it was because the Amazons had done a deliberate boycott of it. As I had already been floored and gobsmacked by another party guests revelation, this was just the icing on the cake.

So Amazons, I don't understand. Why, when this town has so few GOOD women's events do you want to go and sabotage other peoples efforts. We all know that your fundraising "dances" are the most dire nights out ever, yet still we show support and attend. I'm also told that the Wellington Lesbian website is run by you as well (think we wouldn't notice the matching symbols) and that one can only get their event advertised if it suits your needs.

It's time to make amends Amazons. If you think you can and want to control the Wellington lesbian scene, well do something positive for once. Make the 08 Lesbian ball happen, I have the venue, you know where I am. Hopefully some kind reader will forward this link to an appropriate person. And NO before anyone asks, I am the venue so I can't be on the committee, conflict of interest and all that.

Another little interesting thing to ponder. I've spoken with my counterpart at the Auckland property that does the lesbian ball each year, and it goes off like clockwork, no dramas, but here in our capital city due to petty bitching and squabbling the event is erratic. This is a night where over 250 lesbians get together and have a great night, as was shown in 05, but it doesn't happen because of different factions having tanties and not wanting to play nicely with each other.

Get it together women and do something positive for Wellington Lesbians for once.


otter said...

"tits in a tangle" ha ha ha ha! I love it! Lesbians can be such bitches sometimes, it's pathetic.

Cactus Kate said...

Obviously the Labour party voters are causing trouble UnPC.

Just tell them that Helen and Judith are keen to attend as are the entire Wellington Women's rugby squad. That should bring the Amazons back.

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