Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Is it the 80's again? and the price of beef.

I've just followed a link and found that I'm listed on some new feminist blogsite, along with Cactus and Eggs Benedict among others, though sadly Mrs Smith isn't there. Why? And here was me thinking that hard core feminism died with the 80's. Does this mean I'm going to have to dig out my "Sexism is a Social Disease" badge and other relics of the age that I put into retirement after the swansong of the Women's March against Nuclear Power (for those of you who weren't there it was bigger than the Dave Dobbyn riot). I'm quite looking forward to seeing the purple plastic dangly earrings again.

I guess by the time I became a sound engineer, and worked amongst all the boys both here and in London, I felt I'd achieved my aim and could see the next generation of girls entering the music business with no barriers, so no longer belonged to any "groups". Also by that time most "feminist' or "womyns" groups were all run by hard core radical left wing lesbian feminists, kinda tricky for someone who thought they liked a bit of both but avoided all that, cos really it was all just too hard. As a little aside, I signed up for training to be a phone counsellor on the womensline phone. At the first training session I was the only woman there who wasn't a hard core RLWLF, or a rape victim, or a man hater. I ended up not completing the training because I had a healthy attitude to boy sex and just didn't fit in.

However, it seems that not only is feminism still alive and kicking, but there are even little sub groups like Anarchist Feminists who are having an event over ANZAC weekend. Do go look at the site, the advertising poster for the event looks like a piece of lesbian porn.

Anyway, on to more important things, the price of beef. I'm having a wee dinner party this weekend, and as two of the guests are the gym junkies who are very afraid of carbs, I'm being a kind hostess and doing beef as the main. (I'm also doing a flourless chocolate cake for dessert, they didn't mention fat ,so I'm sure the 500g of chocolate it contains will be ok) So last Sunday I stopped in at the butchers to see if they had any of the lovely vacpacks of beef fillet that I usually get, which they did. I then looked at the price.......$72 for a 2kg fillet. After I picked myself up off the floor I looked again, and the price and weight was the same. The last one I bought cost me $45, and yes it was a year ago, but still, that's...let me see.....count, divide, multiply ......mmmmmm......a 62% price increase.

When I asked the butcher man about it, it was the same story as cheese and butter, international prices. Fuck me. I'm kind of over this international prices scam. I think I might try the same line when I ask for a pay rise next month.

Anyway, Cactus I know you mentioned the price of NZ beef fillet in HK a while back, so when you get back there could you give us the current price you are paying in that top line supermarket you frequent.

Oddly though if I buy the fillet trimmed and cut it will only cost me $33.75 a kilo, so sorry cats no lovely trimmings for you this weekend.


peterquixote said...

feminism is a social disease

unPC lesbian said...

OMG Peter, 2 tricky words and you managed to spell them correctly!!

Ex-expat said...

Well we've been recycling fashion for quiet some time so it is only natural the politics should do the same. Rodger Douglas is making a comeback I hear.

unPC lesbian said...

OK then......but I'm not going to wear leggings again!!

Anonymous said...

I hear the civil rights movement is also going out of style, now that racism is dead and homophobia is on the run. After all, now that we've had Helen Clark in office, surely everything must be fine for women ;)

Julie said...

Thanks for the link :-)

Re the blogroll - Mrs Smith is there, under the name of her blog (Idle Vice). The blogroll is about promoting NZ women who are blogging and isn't supposed to be a list of those who are feminist (otherwise I'm sure Cactus would have flamed us to hell and back already). If you know of any NZ women who are blogging who have been missed off the list please feel free to let me know, I am always looking for more to add.

I think I managed to avoid wearing leggings the first time around, but sadly not so with the bubble skirts. I'm not sure that renaming them "tulip" skirts is sufficient reinvention to get me back in one any time soon.

Mrs Smith said...

Well - I am on their site now! How surprising.

unPC lesbian said...

Gosh I must have had a boy look at the blogroll, or should I say a peterquixote look!!!

Ooohh, you're brave confessing to the bubble skirt, I would NEVER have done that!!

Will send on links from my trawling around the cyber world

Cactus Kate said...


I am actually the best sort of feminist.

One with a sense of humour.

unPC lesbian said...

Agreed.....as with sexuality and gender issues one must always be able to poke fun at onesself

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