Sunday, December 13, 2009

21st Century Advertising

I know this type of marketing had to happen, but why do both women have to be the epitome of the Hollywood concept of "beautiful" women? I guess the makers of this thought they were being all cutting edgy, but to me it's just a big fat fail. Where's the hot butch in a suit?

It comes across as some male "creative's" stereotypical idea of a lesbian wedding, the women aren't real, and somehow seems to have debased the original idea that they were trying to be revolutionary about.

Or am I just having an bad hair day?


Jody said...

Well Un-pc it is all very "LA" but I'll take the eye candy for what it's worth. Btw I'm a Wellingtonian transplanted to California, stumbled across your blog courtesy of, love it; can almost feel the wind in my face when I read it and, to date, none of my exes feature anywhere, although there are a few familiar faces. Keep it coming!!

unPC lesbian said...

Yeah I thought the ad was very L Word, but as I've never watched the series don't feel qualified to comment.

Given the size of the paddling pool we play in here I'm sure at least one of your exes will crop up....and may already have but with a disguised identity.

Check out the L A Lesbian blog I link to from here, it all sounds even more tragic over there than it is here.

Jody said...

Yeah well the "pools" bigger here but the drama's the same, as far as I can tell. I'm closer to San Fran than LA (thankfully). There is something delightfully lovely about being completely anonymous though! Okay and the kiwi gals did lure me to Dinah Shore last year, kind of one of those things you really really only need to do once. And I am delighted to see there are clearly a whole bunch of lesbians in Wellington I haven't met - even if the scene has an all to familiar ring about it.

puntingonthestyx said...

Well, perhaps the indoctrination worked when I was forced to watch every series of the L-word in an appartment in Hong Kong (so that I could have a shared topic of conversation with the 3 other lesbians in Hong Kong), but I would be quite happy with this. Seriously, makes a change from the hopelessly unattractive lessers in Wellies. You excluded, unpc, naturally.

unPC lesbian said...

oh bless Curtain Call, but remember darling, your marathon of tv watching was all in the name of uber hot sex...sometimes one makes choices.

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