Monday, January 18, 2010


The word and concept of "cougars" has been a hot topic in the media over the weekend and today due to this advertisement. XChequer emailed asking my thoughts on the topic, and also pointed out the furore going on over at Handmirror about it. Do go read the Handmirror link, it's the epitome of all that is bad with 21st century feminism.

Personally I think the advertisement is hugely funny, and as I said to XChequer, women who actively seek younger men to have sex with do so because they want sexual activity with a male that is more virile and easier on the eye than those of their own age group.

I have since been pondering what word would be used to describe myself, that is a woman that is preyed upon by younger members of the herd. Then we must factor in the gender issue as well. Is there a different word for when I am hunted down by a younger female, transboy, or male? Urban slang dictionary calls the younger predator a barracuda, but has no word for my role, the innocent elder prey.

Suggestions please?


Anonymous said...

I quite fancy the idea of being a cougar hawk, as it implies that I'm good at it...but still not keen on the word cougar in reference to you. Hmmmmmm. Chicken perhaps? Oh wait, you scratched that one (no pun intended). Hrm.


unPC lesbian said...

Cougar hawk

I particularly like the line "The cougar hawk is not to be confused with a guy wearing mirrored shades and a Hustler jacket hitting on everything in the room."

However that description is still very gender specific.....which now makes me ponder, what is the lesbian word for the hetero cougar equivalent?

brenda said...


Jody said...

Urban Dictionary :

The Leopard: the lesbian version of a "cougar". An older lesbian who is attracted to, and attracts a younger lesbian.
"Sally is a leopard, she hangs at the local lesbian bar searching for women half her age."

I particularly like that part about hanging out at the local lesbian bar Wellington's case that could leave The Leopard with many many long dry months!

unPC lesbian said...

Yes Brenda, innocent. I do believe the words "no, you're much to young" have audibly passed my lips......tho possibly followed by "oh well, if you insist".

Jody, fortunately as I am the one being "hunted" I don't have to face the dreadful image your words conjured. I can see it now, the tragic older woman sitting on a stool guarding the entrance at S & M's. Would prolly need some ration packs as it could be a loooong wait!

Jody said...

Try this:
Lesbian dragon
noun; a young lesbian that frequents lesbian clubs in search for a much older woman. Usually the younger lesbian (the dragon) is unstable and in financial need, and is in search of an older or more financially secure woman to take them in and provide for them. The lesbian dragon is often a high-school, or college-aged girl (16-26 years old) that was kicked out of her parents' home for being gay and is searching for both emotional and financial stability. The targeted older female is often one that either 'came out' late in life, or otherwise single and easily manipulated. The term 'lesbian dragon' has a negative connotation because the older woman is often trapped by the youthful and sexy appeal of the dragon, and doesn't realize her predicament until she is paying for the dragon's living expenses, college tuition, cell phone bills, food and other expenses in exchange for a sexual relationship. When the older woman justifiably breaks off the relationship with the lesbian dragon, the dragon is off to the club once again in search of another older woman. Club, here, can be replaced with online dating sites as well.

unPC lesbian said...

Again, still not a descriptive name for my status, and also doesn't apply int current case as:

A: the predator is not a "lesbian" and
B: the predator is in someways for more financially secure than I.

Anonymous said...

I'm a predator now? oooooh that's so 1980s! The decade I was born in.....haha.

Hmmm, none of them really fit, but I will keep thinking.


unPC lesbian said...

Predator does seem a tad harsh, but all the terms used above refer to animals that prey on another, so the word pursuer seems somewhat tame, and tame is DULL!

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