Thursday, January 21, 2010

Geek Question

Yet again I have another geek question for the blogosphere, you know you love them! I have an Internet Explorer issue. I'm running IE7 on XP. Over the weekend it suddenly stopped playing embedded video or animation in web pages, and just shows the nasty empty box frame with the little box of blue and red symbols in the top left corner. Video and animations all play perfectly in Firefox. Whimper.

I did a de frag and disc clean up over the weekend and that is all I can think that has changed. Maybe some files got deleted in the disc clean up. So far in trying to fix it I have:
  • Downloaded and installed every update I can find
  • Tried running it without add ons
  • Checked advanced settings in IE options to make sure the show animations etc boxes are ticked
  • Done a restore back to two days prior to disc clean up
  • Re checked settings in IE advanced options
  • Done the dreaded restore to factory default Internet Explorer settings
  • Escaped from the  loop of death that process got me into over settings issues
  • Done another restore
  • Re checked IE settings again after that restore
  • Scoured the net for solutions
  • Screamed very loudly and stamped my foot and said the word fuk 6873 times
So all you readers who love helping me on my geek questions, what do I do now? All solutions gratefully received except for the following three options:
  • Get a Mac (you know I yearn for one)
  • Use Firefox, don't want to, can't make me
  • Download and use Internet Explorer 8, see Firefox.


Anonymous said...

How about Google Chrome?


nzm said...

Assuming that you've already downloaded the latest version of Flash for your browser, try also downloading Silverlight. It's Microsoft's version of Flash - but it's much better. Can't guarantee that it's going to fix your prob - but try it.


Anonymous said...

Buying a Mac *might* not solve all your problems (I spend plenty of time swearing at mine). I'm interested to know what you happened with your implant tooth story - was it very bad in the end? Just that I might have to have one one day. Although the part that I am not looking forward to is the part where you have to pay...

XChequer said...

Honey, do you have a PC or a laptop?
And how old is it?

Quite often, over time IE (and windows in general) garners shit from everywhere that slows it down in speed. This gradually reduces functionality down to SFA.

I recommend reinstalling windows completely every 6 months or so - it just gets rid of all the detritus.

The simple fact is that there are myriad reasons as to why this could be happening - device driver conflicts etc.

This way is good maintenance and keeps things in good order.

Your geek bitch,


unPC lesbian said...

Anonymous, you obviously want a slap. I thought it was obvious that I didn't want to change browser, even tho I have spent the last weeks educating the staff on embracing software change.

Donna...will post the teeth follow up tomorrow

XChequer, The laptop was a sort of gift. A long story behind it, but it means I have no startup discs, and tho I do know how to access the files via f9 or something, it's an area that I really don't want to venture into. Hence keeping it clean and tidy all the time.

NZM, again I humbly bow in your direction, and owe you a glass or two of lovely NZ wine if you do manage to get to Wgtn next month. Silverlight didn't help, but I downloaded the latest Adobe flash and everything all fixed. Girl Power Rules!!

I love the cyber world.

Whaleoil said...

"I have an Internet Explorer issue."

There is your problem right there.

Ditch the fricken piece of crap.

Oh and get a Mac, then use Chrome or Firefox.

Just do it. You know I am right.

nzm said...

Cool - glad that it's fixed. Silverlight wouldn't have helped unless the videos and animation were created using it, but as most people still use Flash, that was bound to be the issue.

Not sure if we will get to Wellington, but you can be sure that if we do, we will gladly take you up on your offer!

As for a Mac - if you like good hardware, a Mac isn't it. After having my own for 3 months now, I can testify that they aren't that great. First, they don't have a fan and get insanely hot. Second, they have a crap DVD drive - mine has karked it and will require a replacement - after 3 months! The forums are full of the same error happening to a lot of machines.

They also don't have enough USB ports, and the 2 that mine does have are so close together that only slimline plugs will fit into it side-by-side.

If you've ever owned a great high-spec'd PC laptop (Lenovo e.g.) you'll go nuts with the cheap Mac hardware - all for a more expensive price!

It's staggering what people will put up with, just to look cool!

I'll stop here.... ;.)

unPC lesbian said...

ha ha...and yeah the lack of usb orts was an issue while I still had the G4. Had to buy one of those multi port thingies so I could have the keyboard and mouse plugged in.

I still want one tho!!!

unPC lesbian said...

Oh, and Whaleoil, I'm just being stubborn! Practising being cantankerous.

XChequer said...

Couldn't have put it better myself, NZM (re: Mac)

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