Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Turn!

After 5 years of regularly cruising my local St Vinnies shop on the weekends, it was my turn to be in for a fabulous treat. They caught my eye as soon as I walked in, I lunged to pick them up and look at the size. I swooned when the number was the right one and instantly tried them on, ignoring the fact that I was still in the entrance way and blocking the path of others trying to enter the store.

Another punter saw me with them and and commented with the single word of "niiiiiice", I politely replied with, "sorry, they're mine".

David Elman, loafers, immaculate, never worn by the looks as they haven't been broken in. $279 shoes for a mere $15. The child's bus money, but sod it she can walk to school this week.

Yes, yes, I do realise they are verging on being sensible shoes, aka lesbian shoes, but if one is going to wear sensible shoes at least they should be uber stylish as these are.

Lakshmi has been my goddess of choice lately so I'm attributing my luck to her.  My missing blue sock also re-emerged from the dust pockets down the side of the washing machine as well, so all in all a very lucky day yesterday.


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