Monday, January 25, 2010

3am Rocks!

What a night, and just to prove that I still have what it takes I did 5 hours on the dance floor completely unassisted, AND in heels! What a laugh, all those years of misspent youth and it turns out you can have a hot HOT night without any illegal additives. As I was determined to not have a hangover, alcohol was severely restricted as well, and I only purchased one glass of bubbles at the venue, which I shared. This also meant I came home with loot still in my pocket. I do admit though that on my way out for the evening I consumed one of those new concentrated V shot thingies.

Big thanks to the team for putting on the event, and I hope they have at least broken even.

When we arrived there were only 6 people dancing, but as dancing was the aim of the night I went straight out there, dragged my crew with me, and there we stayed all night. The pretty young gay boys took a shine to me so I spent a lot of time dancing with them, and admiring their gorgeous muscled bodies when they took their shirts off. It seems adoration was acceptable from any gender that night.

The highlight of the night for me was the dj below, Sandi Hotrod from Oz. She came on straight from her flight, and her first tune was a huge percussion filled mix of Madonna's Like a Prayer. I never thought I'd ever be swooning over a Madonna tune on the dance floor. She then proceeded to throw out some hot beats and mixes, masses of percussion, double time beats, and the usual 8 bar drop outs that slow you down, just to pull you up again and throw you back in there. Hot, Hot, HOT.....and even hotter was watching her perform. Swoon, uber swoon.

I'd promised Polly Panther that I would have her back home by 3am, so sadly too early in Ms Hotrods set I had to leave.

So below is an image of what dancing for 5 hours and crawling in at 3 am looks like when you've hit the half century. Damn, should have topped up the lippy!

It's a public holiday here today so of course I have been fielding emails and text from work all morning! I'm now about to give up all pretence of an uninterrupted day off and going to head into work to deal the problems. Whimper

I guess it will mean I won't be able to complete my other project for the day which is shown below. I have a house inspection this week, so that means the usual round of cleaning. Where's a full time house boy when you need one?


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