Monday, January 11, 2010


I am about to go to the penulitmate session of project teeth. Today I am having a piece of titanium screwed into my jaw, ready for a fab new tooth to be attached to it next week. I know that in relation to how much metalwork others have crammed into their bodies this implant is nothing, but I will be CONSCIOUS when it is put in.

My concern is the sound that will be made when he drills into the bone. When I had a mole cut off my face I could hear the awful slicing noise. When the child was forcibly ripped from my womb I could hear the slicing noise from down below. I'm not looking forward to hearing this noise.

The Dentist assures me it's only very brief and has told me to just wind up the volume on the pod. He did also say he had drugs I could have (at a cost) that were far superior to nitrous oxide, but for some reason I have decided to be stoic and brave and do it fully conscious.

I forsee mass whimpering on the horizon.


wino said...

Update on how it went please? I'm considering some implants so do tell me that it went great and you are delighted with the new tooth please...

They do really really good drugs at the dentist - worth the money I reckon. (and legal too!)

unPC lesbian said...

Easy peasy. The drilling bone section was about 10 seconds worth and couldn't hear a thing. The only strange bit is when he screwed it in and used a ratshit tool similar to a mechanics.

He did it just using his super powerful numbing injection.

This is what I had put in

Also look at the composite veneers, I've had 12 of them. I fully recommend this guy.

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