Monday, January 11, 2010

New Addiction

RTTB sent me the link to this blog today, I looooooove it, it is just too funny. It is allegedly the recorded sleep talk of a man with a very active dream life. Some gems are:

Dec 21 2009

"My snorkle! My snorkle! Judge won't like it if I don't have my snorkle! You PLANT it... Don't want baby snorkles."

"I'd like to tell you what a wonderful person you are. But that would make me a septic gash of a cunt who quite frankly had no concept of right or wrong."

 "Ooh! My balls are itchy. Have you got the cheese grater?"

"Awesome. Teddy bears bungie jumping."

Laughykate I do believe it is the perfect companion blog for


laughykate said...

I freaking well dreamt of snorkels last night! I was getting really pissed off because an unidenified person wouldn't let me have my share of snorkels.

I'm thinking that my snorkels started out as biscuits that morphed into a GPS half way through the dream.

Okay, I'm scaring myself now.

unPC lesbian said...

I want to know if he managed to fix the itchy balls with the cheese grater.

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