Saturday, January 23, 2010

Geek, Teeth and Dancing

Three completely different topics so should make for eclectic reading.

Geek: Yes the problem is fixed and as the fabbo NZM suggested it was just a flash player issue, one quick download and all sorted. Which leads me to conclude that in future whenever I have a problem I will just put the question up here and not waste days trying to be uber clever and fix it myself.

Teeth: Donnasoowho  has asked for an update on the implant post. It all went brilliantly. The drilling section that I was fearing was so brief I didn't realise he had done it. He drilled for about 10 seconds then stopped. I thought he had stopped to put another drill bit in, but no, that was all the drilling. The part that was a bit disconcerting was screwing the thing in. He uses a tool like a very small mechanics ratshit to do the job. As you can imagine there was also a bit of pressure applied, but that was all bearable. It took about 30 minutes all up. This is what I had done. Go have a look at his composite work as well. I can't praise this man highly enough as the work has been brilliant and not exorbitantly expensive. All up I have had 12 composite veneers, 2 baby teeth built up, 2 back teeth built up, 1 gold overlay and 1 implant. I will never EVER have a root canal done again. If ever I need one I will get the tooth out and a mini implant put in. The cost is the same, but the pain factor and duration of dental visits a fraction of that needed for a root canal.

Dancing: I have been coerced into going to this event tonight. Oh no, spend hours on the dance floor, I'm gonna hate that!! The child was asking about what time it started and finished. I said it started at 10pm and finished at 6am but I would probably be home around 3am. She started counting on her fingers and then said "but that's 5 hours of dancing. How can you spend 5 hours dancing?"  I said, "you just do", all the while wondering are you really that naive? However that WILL be the case for me tonight as these days my body Just Says No! I will also be predominantly sober as body is also not happy with alcohol either. I'm going to treat it as my cardio workout for the weekend.

Right, it's fashion crisis time. Are the skin tight jeans going to fit today?


nzm said...

ratshit? LMAO!!!!

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