Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jillian Michaels Breasts

Yeah yeah, I know stolen from facebook, and you just know what I'm going to say, the shoulders, the arms, the definition. Swoon.

However, there is one thing in this image that strikes me as odd, and no I don't mean the almost sneer. It looks like she has suddenly sprouted breasts. They look so much fuller than usual.

I decided that it was just an illusion from the camera angle as Jillian is so HOT she would never stoop to anything as tacky as enhanced breasts, until I scrolled further down my news feed and saw the next picture.

Fuk me, is that a pair of enhanced hooters or what?

One desperately hopes they are just silicon inserts, of the chicken fillet kind that is, not the pleasurable ones, and that her breasts will return to the former normal size.

Oh Jillian, you do realise that if you have succummbed to the Hollywood Barbie doll image then thats it, it's all over between us.


Anonymous said...

lol. i don't think she got a boob job. i read a comment on one of her facebook pics that she wrote and she told someone about some victoria's secret bra that works wonders (gives u boobs) i don't think she gave in to the hollywood plastic scene, thank god.

Anonymous said...

you must either be blind or a man! Jillians breasts are real! you may need to take a closer look and notice that theyre not round and looking like 2 baseballs shoved into a bra! She has amazing NATURAL perky breasts... something you obtain from WORKING OUT! don't be a jealous hater! love her boobs for the naturalness that they are.

Jillian M said...

It will never be over, honey! I would never leave you for silicon!

The only reason I have these taped up like this is for the launch of my latest Fitness DVD collection.

This is America after all.

With love,

JM xoxoxox

unPC lesbian said...

Love you too Jillian, mwah mwah!

Anonymous 7.33, I do work out. In my world it makes breasts smaller, but do know how to enhance. Reference; chicken fillets and see profile image.

The bottom image makes her look like Barbie Kim they had on B.L one season, totally out of proportion. Looks like she'll topple over. ick

Anonymous said...

In terms of the barbie doll image, I saw her on CNN a couple days ago, and it seems like she gets too much botox. Her eyebrows barely move, and she truly does look plastic. And she says she weighs 114...I remember years ago she said she struggles to get down to 115, so she is basically skinnier than ever before.

unPC lesbian said...

Yeah, I think she is succumbing to "image" and getting smaller. Or maybe she's trying to match the sizs of her scrawny sparrow sized girlfriend!

Jadis said...

@anonymous (7.33) I have to agree with UnPC. In my world working out does indeed ensure smaller breasts (though stronger and more defined pecs etc). In my bodybuilding days I was lucky to have an A cup. I remember other competitiors who just had a nipple and not more. There's a reason why those crazy figure girls get implants (because otherwise they wouldn't have a rack at all and that just wouldn't meet barbie doll standards).

unPC lesbian said...

Agreed Jadis, and then the body sculpting and body building girls look weird as well when they do get implants.

Don't know if Jillian has or hasn't as they still look fairly, and I stress fairly, natural on most of the facebook pics. It's just sad that one who encourages other people to change their bodies and lives feels the need to conform to the shallow and artificial Hollywood concept of the ideal female shape. ie over enlarged breasts.

EarthMama said...

is "Jillian M." the real Jill???!!!! No way!!!! No!!!!!

Although I will agree that she's lookin a little smaller. I hope Jill isn't trying to get scrawny.

Think she's only down with the twigs? I know she wouldn't be with someone that was unhealthy, but you can still get with a girl that has some meat on her and still takes care of herself.

Anonymous said...

she has a big gap between her boobs, boob job

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