Monday, September 10, 2007

2 New Lust Objects.....

Well really it's one new lust object and one new toy. As you know it was my birthday over the weekend and now that the alcohol haze has cleared I can focus enough to show off my goodies. Please see below, and apologies that it's only a pixt but that's all there is!

This red bag, which of course the image just doesn't do justice too, was a gift from my beloved. It is a Briarwood and really is just too pretty for words. I don't usually go lustful over handbags, clothes and shoes spin my wheels, but this item is just too special for words. I finally understand.

The other item, which I don't have a pixt of, was not actually a birthday present but it gave me such joy that it can be included in this post. After months of research and general pondering my girlfriend finally went out and on impulse bought a new vacuum cleaner.

We went out to buy a specific brand and type, of a specific price, but came back with an item that was completely different technology and 3 times the price. Guess which salesman got the "sale of the day" award.....but I'm so happy. This is the "Tim the Toolman Taylor" of vacuum cleaners...more power! When it is running it sounds like a cross between a chainsaw and a high end food processor, you can see the dirt molecules shaking as it approaches.

I then spent the rest of the day vacuuming. Those who have been to our house and seen the oceans of salmon coloured carpet and met the cats will know why I am so overjoyed. I haven't put it away in the cupboard yet, I am still admiring it's beauty. I am tempted to vacuum the cat.


Cactus Kate said...

Eiiik that's a bloody rat.

That rat already looks like it has been vacuumed.

Can you please explain it, for it is highly unusual.

unPC lesbian said...

It's a shaved pussy....thought that was obvious!!

The cat that did the cocaine, it's one of those. No purpose in life but to grow fur and shed it everywhere....oh...and look cute doing it!!

laughykate said...

Oh that bag. that bag. I love that bag. I loved that bag so much I bought for my birthday last year. The only bad thing about that bag is that after regular use, like the cat, it is a shadow of its former self.

unPC lesbian said...

Anal Virgo here, I am purchasing the correct polish to maintain in pristine condition....unlike the cat who is heading off for his annual shave soon.....

riki said...

I see the cat was vacuumed.

Its a pure breed Burmese,,
they actually auto vacuum

and get awards for it!

But speaking as a male,,
I will totaly do house work or any work with the right equipment.

I have had lesbians make love to me cause I'm that different.

you just have to show a pic of this vacuum.

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