Friday, September 14, 2007

Icky Icky Icky

I just had to show you all this. This is a creation of His Holiness of Ick-ebana, it received major applause when he completed it yesterday.
Please note the special features of the dirt clinging to the celery and the piece de resistance, the labels still attached to the grapefruit. This has been the highlight of the week.

Thus ends my sad series on Ick-ebana, I'm sure the Map conference I have next will be infinitely more interesting.


Mrs Smith said...

You're fucking kidding. That sticker means this is an obvious piss-take, right? His Holiness is a charlatan.

Martha Craig said...

BLOODY HELL. What a priceless piece! It reminds me of a plucked chook. Very funny indeed.

Stephen said...

That's __ghastly__. And hilarious.

You want to watch it tho, some modern Nana is going to find this and then you'll be busted. And then you'll never get another ikebana gig again.

Oh wait.

unPC lesbian said...

oh well...let me just go and slash my wrists!!!

Turns out this is the second time we've had this gig...the last time was many many many years ago when Mr Kenny Rogers was staying in house. When Mr Rogers had finished his show he wanted a burger very late at night and in those days room service was only cold food, sandwiches etc. But to give good service a burger was made for him. However he wanted onions on it and no one could find any onions.....until one of the housekeeping staff remembered the Ikebana vegetable creation.

Mr Rogers then got onion on his burger!!!!

laughykate said...

I'm sorry but that is only acceptable if his Holiness is about 103 and going mad. Then you can sort of understand the thought process.'Okay so I'll take the celery.....and no...that doesn't quite...noooo..there's already lemons in there....that's a silly place to put lemons..isn't that a lovely pink flower?...Why am I holding the celery again? Oh look this composte bin is full...I'll get the celery in there somehow....up side down...there she goes. Now, why are all these lovely ladies here again?'

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