Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I was going to attempt another vacuuming session after my run last night but was thwarted.

I fear the new toy may get put away in a safe place and rationed to me somewhat like the internet is with the child.


Cactus Kate said...

Midnight vacuuming.

How fucking Asian.

And my mother.

You know that she purposefully vacuumed at 8am on a Sunday morning right outside my room just to PISS ME OFF.

Hence I am a broom girl from now on.

No carpet.

Sorry....re-reading that it may have sexuality connotations. But it could explain my lack of love for the same sex as well.

unPC lesbian said...

Hmmm...no I'm just glad I can vacuum without having to physically pick crap up of the carpet and push it down the hose.

Would try that child torture but fear it wouldn't work as:

A: it would mean I'D have to wake up early to do it...ick ick, and

B: Vacummimg outside their bedroom door was how I got the little fukkers to sleep when they were babies.

riki said...


a humming noise huh, I can see that.

I definitely now have to check out Cactus Kates blog

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