Thursday, September 13, 2007

I love my coffee girls

While getting my second caffeine hit this morning the coffee girls were discussing my age. As it was my birthday last week they have just found out my true biological age.

Apparently they were gob smacked as they had pegged me for at least 15 years younger. Bless, and their wages aren't even in my budget.

I told them my youthful looks were the result of all the drug taking in my well spent youth.

Another thing to thank the punk rock generation for.


riki said...

made me check your profile,,,

FOR NOTHING !!!!!!!!

unPC lesbian said...

Yes, least what limited profile information I do have is available for people to view. Unlike others oh anonymous riki!

unPC lesbian said...

PS, Don't worry, I'm HOT...Cactus will vouch for that.

riki said...


I take that on board, and as a token of respect

unPC lesbian said... putting in a link to an invalid ID???

riki said...


got the last bit mucked up,,

get back to ya


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