Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A wee blonde moment

One more wee tit bit from my night out at the Great Chefs dinner, yes I know my life is so sad that one night out breeds many months of blog posts, bloody children is all I can say.

There was a hearty blonde as part of our group at table and as we were leaving our pre drinks venue I explained my drinking tactics for the evening to her, as I have attended many of these events before and have learnt how to last the night.

I told her my plan was to consume as much of the bubbles as I possibly could, then a mere sip or three of the following whites, and leave the reds to the male of the species. That sounds like a good plan she said, and when we arrived she promptly tottered off and secured us lashings of bubbles.

I forgot one important point when explaining the tactics to her, the limited concentration span of a blonde. I see now in hindsight that her brain had switched off at the end of the phrase "drink as much bubbles as possible"

It was not a pretty sight.


Mrs Smith said...

Good lord was that me? Certainly sounds like it. Oh right - I wasn't in Wellington on that night. Phew.

unPC lesbian said...

Oh Darhlink you have style! This girl had obviously lovely sized and shaped breasts, what the A listers pay money for, however she had SAFETY pinned her dress at the cleavage so none would show. As the night wore on she kept clutching the front of the dress, pulling it tighter together so that her bra straps were showing on her shoulders. All very tacky.

Strangely 2 out of the 3 women at table were lesbians...we of course were very stylishly dressed and tho we didn't know each other had the same behaviour pattern....discreetly consume gallons but appear dignified and poised at all times.

riki said...

she was obviously homo phobic.

have you noticed how Sue Bradford is always filmed from neck up.

She refuses to have her large bust scrutinised. I saw one of her fellow green MP's actually sitting faced away from her, obviously in case he was accused by her of sexual harrassment.

she is a PC nazi

btw, you describe breasts so well, any chance we can have a discussion bout them some time.

Actually, I miss ma friend Rex,,

her and me used to analyze female butts together,, would've married her. met her too late (tear)

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