Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gosh I've been quiet of late

Probably because I've been strangely busy in an odd way. On Saturday night I managed to kill one of the computers on my floor, tick done only one more to go. So for the last 3 days I've been running round with a dodgy laptop, setting up temporary internet connections to clear mail, shuffling data around servers, pc's and USB keys in an effort to keep 3 people working on 2 computers. And during all that dealing with a client who's laptop won't put out to a second screen, doh, don't you think it's a good idea to check that BEFORE you come to your meeting, another client who's laptop totally refused to play a DVD, because, well, it just wasn't in the mood, and then someone who scanned a 5 page document with the resolution set so high it became and 18mb file which they then proceeded to email to my coordinators office. My poor little newbie was blissfully unaware of the size of the file and set it to print thus jamming up the printer and her pc for 20 minutes before finally saying help......

I am a Conference Manager, this is not in my job description. If I'm going to be used as a geek I would like to be paid as a geek.

On a completely different tangent I received a lovely gift on the weekend, one of those things that you never realised you wanted so badly until it is actually given to you, and then you are suddenly filled with desire. I was very kindly given a copy of the new Clive James book Cultural Amnesia. I am so pleased but have yet to start reading it as it is still sitting at the altar, along with the vacuum cleaner, and being admired from the couch.

And on that note I had a visit last night from my friend who is not brave enough to blog yet, and at least 40% of our conversation over the evening was about vacuum cleaners. Now who's the sad fukker here?


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