Monday, October 1, 2007

Chid Abuse # 3

I am taking the children to stay with their paternal Grandparents tomorrow. I had organised the trip so they were there for a little shy of 36 hours but then Granddad rang back ON THE MOBILE to change times so they are now there for 48 hours. They are not amused.

I of course will just dump and run, then go and visit other friends in the area.

They are now begging and pleading to come with me, but as I have explained they have all the Grandparenty things they have to do, like go to the science museum AGAIN, or visit the lost pets at the RSPCA.

That will teach them for squabbling annoyingly over menu choices at the Chinese on Saturday night.


Cactus Kate said...

Sure that was wise? Your kids are inherently a tad evil. Angry and 48 hours with Grandparents, they could let all sorts of nasties out in the Spanish inquisition.

laughykate said...

I recall going and visiting my Grandparents-two friends of mine and I - when we were in our first year of university. Now, my grandparents were outstanding, lived in a very social place, great house and had cocktails instead of mothballs. They really lived a fabulous life, one which I would love to live when I am that age.However. It still didn't stop them from mentally putting our age somewhere between nine and fourteen - and dragging us to visit the kiwi and other local interests. It was excruciating - but in hindsight I'm sure my parents delighted in our well-intentioned torture.

unPC lesbian said...

Yes but this is one time when Devil Spawn get thwarted.....they will be talked at NON STOP by Nana, no pause, they just have to nod and smile...then to finish off Grandad will show them all the lovely things his computer can do (exactly the same as theirs at home) but they are NOT ALLOWED to touch it, cos they may break it!!

Sweet torture

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