Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bad Car

My car is sick and has been at the doctors most of the week. Apparently the gale force winds last weekend has forced rain into the engine computer. I fear that a couple of pink iced buns and a 6 pack of beer are not going to be enough to cover this bill, though they will keep my mechanic happy.

I have thus had to take the bus to work this week. I don't mind taking the bus and feel glad I live in a city that has a good (for New Zealand) public transport system, however over the last few days I've remembered why I stopped using the bus regularly, other than the fact that I have a car park at work. I go into a little daze/trance while studying humanity on the bus, reading body language, listening to conversations, seeing what people read, and then I forget to get off at my stop. Not normally a problem as the extra exercise is good for me, so I'm told, but this week with the horrendous weather and festering cold bug I don't need any extra foot mileage.

A functioning circuit board has now been found for the car so it's hopefully back to normal from tomorrow.

Remember when cars didn't have on board computers and they still worked ok?


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