Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Miss Gay Downunder 2007

On Saturday night I unexpectedly went out to this event, unexpected as until Friday afternoon I was unaware that it was being held, which is a direct result of venues being terribly inefficient about updating their websites. Anal Virgo I know but surely that's what the "upcoming events" tab is for!

However, this event was a Lesbian Beauty Pageant. No further description is needed as all those sad and tragic images that have come to your minds are all you need. The winner was the hyper speeding one and I do hope she has managed some sleep now.

The highlight of the night was discovering a new genre of Lesbians, the Baby Emo Dykes. They are so cute, they look like they've just fallen out of the nest. They are also very very good at androgyny, so good that the Mistress of Androgyny, aka My Girlfriend, had to look long and hard to decide what gender they were.

Hmmmm, makes me wonder how I would look if I was young and 20 again. They make my years of punk androgyny interspersed with the odd girly day seem dull and drab, and so 1980's.......


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