Monday, September 3, 2007

More Bloody Soccer

Not only was the park on the edge of civilisation but once the games started I found that the boys games were located very conveniently to the car park so viewers could sit in the comfort of their car.

No such creature comforts for the girls.The one and only girls game was on a pitch at the most extreme edge of the park, with vast fields of wasteland between the boys games and theirs. I can see the powers that be are really trying their hardest to keep girls involved in the game.

And whats with the fukkin umbrellas? Once the skies opened I had to make a mad dash for the car, partially because I didn't want to get wet, but mainly because I couldn't see anything through the fukkin enormous umbrellas that all the hearty family types were wielding. A bit too bloody "Country Life" for my liking.

Oh yes, and the lovely sign......"we're a clean air park and would appreciate you not smoking", but it seems that it's ok to take your dogs, and the count was 2 per person, to shit everywhere.

The coffee sucked as well.


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