Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random Musings

Random Musing #1

There is a saying in the Gay world which goes like this:

Q: What do gays do on their second date?
A: What second date?

Q: What do Lesbians do on their second date?
A: Move furniture in together.

Personally I have found that I can usually survive the first date, simply by making it very clear there will be no second date. In my mind I usually substitute the word date for shag, but I've always survived that by shagging out of town and NEVER giving out my phone number. There is of course a sub story in this random musing but as I don't air dirty laundry, or in this case clean laundry, I no tell. I am however having my first night out as a single woman this weekend but as I'm taking freshly single bi woman with me I am safe. All the hot young dykes will think we're a femme couple and stay well clear.

Random Musing # 2

I've had an email from baby AV techie dyke saying there is a meeting of the Wellington Polyamore group coming up if I was interested in attending, she did stress that they only talk! The meeting is on a Sunday which of course amuses me, and I do so hope it's held in a church hall. Charlotte if you happen to be in town you may like to attend.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, babe but they are they are not going to think we are a femme couple when I am off snogging a baby dyke!!!!!
- 'Newly single bisexual'

unPC lesbian said...

ooooh, will you share??

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