Saturday, June 28, 2008

Channelling Carrie

Bradshaw that is!

As you all know over the last 2 months my life and domestic situation has undergone an upheaval. I've not posted any of the gory's cos that's really not what this blog is about. However...... the claws are out for a tiny bit now. Miaow.

Over this last week the child and I have had the bliss of our lovely home all to ourselves as the "ex" (a very common lesbian term) has moved out, and the new flatmate is still to move in. The only blur on the domestic bliss is that the "ex" has moved to a property barely a block away, and as my house has windows all along the northern face, with no curtains on the ground floor, her new home is centre view. I can see it from the kitchen when prepping, I can see it as I walk past the huge picture window in the dining room, I can see it when I open my bedroom curtains in the morning. As you can imagine this does not please me as where ever I wander in my favourite city fringe suburb, there it is in my face.

So I've been having some very Carrie Bradshaw thoughts about it, I imagine they could have done an entire episode of SATC on the question, which is, "what is the acceptable distance for the ex to move to when they move out?"

This musing of course was spurred by seeing the headlines of the Sun Newspaper yesterday saying that Madonna wants a divorce. I'm sure Guy will move out of her immediate view, but then I guess Madge also has curtains. And no, don't tell me to get curtains as I rent, and apparently the no curtains is an "integral part of the interior design".


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