Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mission Impossible.......Never!!

I've had a couple of emails with the Prickly one of late over my current change of circumstances, as naturally she is dead interested in where does one go from here.

As I've stated below, I'm OVER women, and that is O...V....A...H.........over!! I figure the passion to head fuk ratio is just not worth it. This of course does not mean that I'll stop my social life and getting on with having fun, which I fully intend to pursue with lashings of zeal once the current dramas have passed.

Naturally I have pondered the aspect of the male of the species, which is where Cactus comes in. I have no intention of pursuing a "relationship" ever again, but I am available for no strings dates. My years of being a company wife mean I am an excellent escort when someone needs the "plus one", or if one has a business dinner that is just too dreary they can take me along and I will sparkle and amuse all. (tattoo display by prior arrangement only)

So, I have charged Cactus with the task of finding me the perfect male for these types of outings. My needs are quite simple. He needs to be a lawyer, preferably, and practicing in an interesting field. Tall......that is 6' 2" minimum in bare feet, 8' when standing on his wallet, and his looks have to be somewhere in the spectrum of Mr Clooney to Mr Big.

I don't think the task will be too hard, and I look forward to what offerings she sends my way.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous leezbians, who are not headfuks, do exist - eg moi ! ;-)) You wouldn't consider a Dr by any chance - even 1 studying to be a lawyer ?. Good luck for your man hunt. Enjoy your posts - thank you.

unPC lesbian said...

Definately would consider Dr...so long as they realised my wine drinking was for healthe reasons only.

Really am open to being dated by both genders.....

How brave are you????? Comments are modified and not all printed, so comment again, this time include your email addy.......it's safe!!!!

unPC lesbian said...

To quote Mr Joe Strummer....."you're such a tease, tease, tease"......or shall I just print the comment(s)

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