Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dontcha just love it

The break up diet that is!

I wasn't aware that I was actively on the diet as I've been eating my normal amount of food including regular (read excessive) amounts of chocolate, however a tidy amount of weight has departed my frame. Maybe it just comes as part of the package, an add on you get even though you haven't applied.

Normally I would be pleased, but I've had to wear a long jacket today as the saggy bottom on my trousers is NOT ATTRACTIVE. It means I will fit my "thin" jeans now, but as they have extra wide flares and are out of fashion I can't wear them.

On a completely different note I fear I have reached a new level of gullible, when will I learn? However I have managed to fix the stupid stupid thing I did to the computer so the child's wrists are safe, she can surf again.

Oooh, and speaking of child, I think the school sent the wrong one home yesterday. Well actually they can't have because I picked her up as she was ill, but when I got home I found that WITHOUT asking she had cleaned the bathroom sink, wiped down the cook top, and then when I was prepping dinner asked if there was anything she could do. I'm liking this.


LLB said...

Hmmm, my guess is either she's done something naughty & is waiting to get busted (look mum, see how good I am!!!) or she's gearing up to ask to be allowed to do something she knows you'll say "Hell no!" to...

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