Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bye Bye Jillian

It's the final of The Biggest Loser tonight which means no more Jillian for another year, how will I cope.

I had my evening all planned, get out of here early, do a quick 5k, then back home for sofa, beer, pizza, chocolate and Jillian. However, as usual, work has thwarted that somewhat. Bloody clients, bloody cocktail functions, I foresee some vigorous delegation on my part this afternoon. And now I've just remembered the child wants me to put in two tone highlights and lowlights in her hair tonight ready for a party (with alcohol) on the weekend. The day is going downhill.

Oddly I don't want to give up my run, I'm getting cranky, endorphins getting low, and don't tell me to get up at the crack of dawn and run before work because that is just advanced torture.

However, I must remember to tape the intro to the show this evening so I can replay incessantly the shot of Jillian doing a one armed press up. Please note the word TAPE. If one of you kind readers out there with your fancy dvd recorders could record it and send it to me I would be eternally grateful. It would complete the Jillian collage on my desktop.

Now back to weaving my mat of straightened paperclips........


nzm said...

Is that the US version or this year's Oz version?

Jillian was also in the Oz series, so I had to tune in to maintain my drool factor.

In an interview that she did, she says that she prefers the Oz program because it's more honest than the US one.

Who cares as long as we can look at Jillian?

unPC lesbian said...

it's actually last years US one, just finishing. My net trawling shows that the current season in the U.S only has Bob and Jillian on it....Barbie trainers tits must have exploded.

Yes saw the Oz one she was on, that played here about 18 months ago...EVERY day over the summer holidays!!!

Drool Drool

nzm said...

Well - you're in for a treat if you get the 2008 Oz Biggest Loser - she's ba-aack! Bob is too.

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