Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cyber Help

Since the cyber world has come to my rescue before I thought I'd give it another try.

As you all know sorting my accommodation is my number 1 priority right now and I'm starting to panic. I've been praying furiously to the Goddess of nice flatmates, and the Goddess of fabulous and gorgeous yet surprisingly cheap rentals, but no one is answering. (maybe they're jealous cos I've got Nataraja sitting in prime position at the moment, should really move cos dancing isn't high on my priorities right now))

I really don't want to leave my lovely cosy house as it's so sunny, spacious and comfortable, but I'm having no luck finding a flatmate. So while I'm going through that process, I'm also looking at rentals and scarily I'm now considering spending over 52% of my income on rent. A very very scary thought.

So if anyone has any ideas, or can help in any way, just comment as it goes to my email.


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