Monday, June 30, 2008

Channelling Carrie # 2

I managed to crawl out for a wee drink with newly single bi girl (NSBG) on the weekend, and memo to self must remember that when she says she's wearing a dress, she means a DRESS. I thought I was being totally girly in Roisin Dubh , but NSBG totally out femmed me. I felt almost butch, well as butch as one can with pink lipstick.

As a tiny little digression NSBG has managed to achieve a feat which I can't talk about yet, but which amuses me greatly. The only hint is that the toaster is being couriered as we speak, and it was bloody hard trying to score a notch in the side. I still think I should have included razor blades for use in the future.

However, one of our topics of discussion over the evening was "how soon does one attempt the post breakup getting back in the saddle shag?" Now I know this WAS a storyline on SATC and I could probably find a link to it, but I really can't be bothered right now.

Of course with the girls in SATC it is all about the hetero world so obviously it's much easier to achieve. If one is swimming in the Lesbian pool however it can get a bit fraught as the concept alluded to below applies, and the post breakup getting back in the saddle shag of course precludes any idea of ever meeting again. One then has to think about shagging "out of town" (tho history tells me this can be unsafe as well) and start trying to line up work schedules, children timetables, flight availability, to see if it can happen. All very complicated and awkward and hardly conducive to the "heat of the moment" vibe needed for such trysts.

I fear the true result will be to open another bar of chocolate and retire to the comfort of the sofa.


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