Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gutter Minds

To those of you who's brains are stuck in the gutter my post below and the one from Cactus are about DATING. You know, people, food, wine, conversation. Somewhat like what a Corporate wife does but without the strings, nagging and money drain.

The S...E...X word does not come into it, I mean, for goodness sake, why would I want to have sex with a man when history has proved to me repeatedly that no man can satisfy me sexually. I have been living a full lesbian life for the last 8 years and have the skills and equipment (if I desire) to keep myself sexually satisfied, so like a Corporate wife, why would I want to shag a man?

However, if the S....E....X concept should arise, naturally full market rates would apply. And yes Cactus as my pimp you will get your cut.


Miss Prozac said...

If full market rates apply to S.E.X. then Miss Prozac suspects she has the answer to your accommodation problem and spending 52% of your income on rental! Now you have a use for your spare room ...

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